Sunday, 23 December 2012

Attitude Of Gratitude

Simply put, Gratitude is Love. On a deeper level it is a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation. Coming from a place of gratitude will open up your life and cause a snowball of blessings.

Do you have an attitude if gratitude? What is its contribution on your life? How is this connected with success? Can this be learned? Why living with gratitude makes you happy? My article will impart a few ideas about its relevance to accomplishments in life.

Historically, gratitude has been contributed with world religions. But today, it has become the prevailing current of thought in psychology. Without any doubt, this has already played a great role in your life. Not all the people in the world harness this character. For me, it is vital to live each day as it assists you in making all 8 key areas of life fall in to its perfect place.

Here are the reasons why being grateful can make you successful.

    Being thankful is a construction of good character.

When you say "thank you" to someone, it creates a spiritual feeling of happiness to both the giver and the receiver. Just the same as a smile is infectious, so is passing gratitude. However, we should always bear in mind that this doesn't have to material thing. A thank you is not only for goods or rendered services. This can also be physical or emotional help to someone.

    It can translate bad things to good things. Finding the blessing in a bad situation will bring you to a place of gratitude.

    It cues you to become thankful to everyone. A bare thank you can support a heavy heart to hold on. A lot of people will befriend you. You are not just helping others; you are also helping yourself to be more polite to others. It tremendously softens someone's heart.

There are also good practices to strengthen your faith, mind, and body.

    Every morning, remember the things that you are grateful for. Keep a Diary and soon you will see a list of things you are grateful for. This is not just for a certain type of person, It is for you.

    Give thanks that you have opened your eyes and you were endowed with a new day to change and live a new life. You can never be sure to wake up the next day. So, be thankful.

    Gratitude towards your good health, good community, and wealth is also needed to be expressed. You can share your blessings with other people and make them happy. A simple gift of carefully selected words can fortify another's belief in themselves.

    And lastly, the hardest thing to do; be thankful of your mistakes. Know them and accept the fact that you have had made such failures. This helps you wake up and learn from your mistakes. Count your blessings in disguise!

Not every one of us is equipped with all the needed gears to face life. All of us have to hold hand in hand to make sure that we will all be successful one day. Gratitude can really make a change if realized and learned.

I believe you have more ideas to share. Please comment below. Thank you

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