Sunday, 23 December 2012

Can You Dream Again?

There were times when it was possible to say "hi" with a smile to just about anyone in your village; those were the days when love ruled all the way. Things have since changed and now you barely say hi to anyone. What happened? The truth of the case is not easy to just put down on paper but it is not unknown is it. The answer is simple: you became what you feared and you are now full of shame. Your innocence is now gone. You are not a virgin anymore, you are yet to marry, you barely make enough to survive and the people you looked down on as simple dreamers with simple dreams are the one now calling the shots.

What happened is you lost track of your dream. your intentions were beautiful like new stars and the freshness with which you approached your dreams was just something that should have been in everyone and everything, but along the way, as you walked the thin, thorn strewed path toward your treasure land, sweet fruits along the way called and caught your attention and the simple treasure that are always to be found as the wayfarer makes his way towards the candy shop stole your attention and as your lingered there, your thirst for dreaming was quenched and your hunger foe success was temporary lifted and that is how you lost you way.

Is there hope for you? Can you once again walk the dusty paths of your village with your head held high and smile at everyone without shame? Can you dream again? Of cause you can but it is not a case of just picking up from where you stopped and dusting yourself up and going, no. It is a case of learning to dream again. Just like the way a patient who has been bedridden for months must learn to walk again, you too must learn to dream again. You must go back to the basic, sit down, analyze what uses to be your dream, adjust what ought to be adjusted, incorporate new factor and factoid that you definitely learned in your sickness time and give yourself a hard beating for being the stupid idiot you were and had been top let such a toddler-like thing like a dream out of your sight.

A dream is never to be let out of sight. There are wolves and hyenas out there waiting to pounce and feast on its nimble fresh and sweet blood. Keep your dream near your mouth. Many wish to dream but they can't. It is too late for them. Do not let it be too late for you to dream. Dream!

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