Sunday, 23 December 2012

Fun Designing Customized Playing Cards

There are quite a lot of people turning to customized playing cards to establish their individuality these days. Whether they are professional poker players who wish to advertise for their sponsors, an average Joe looking for a creative outlet for some old school playing with friends and family, or even personalizing a deck of cards for someone special. Originality is not yet lost for card fanatics and people longing to express their ideas in a different and fun way.

The first step to personalizing one's cards is to decide what would most fit the subject's needs; what topic or design would be most beneficial to the "cause". There are several websites that will allow one to create a design of their own and submit them for approval and printing. This is not unlike designing an original tattoo or business logo, the design belongs to the artist only. Painting the canvas for one's own deck of playing cards is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. The possibilities are endless for an original design.

One also has the option of submitting a favorite photograph (copyright permitting) that proves to have a specific meaning to one's life and/or experiences. This is not limited to just notorious photography; one also has the right to submit personal works. Most commonly used are personal photographs of an incredible sky or seascape. Perhaps they visited some special place that is only known to them, the photographer, which really influenced their life in some positive way. If they are involved in an intense game of poker, gazing upon their own work of art will serve as somewhat of a confidence booster, a real "tension tamer" if you will.

If one is sponsored to play cards, advertising the sponsor would be a great way to show appreciation, and spread the business. It would also be an intelligent way to intimidate the opponent, depending on whom they are and who their own sponsors are. It is important to remember to request consent from the sponsor before one shows them off to the playing world. Ultimately being sued for illegal advertising would not be good for business.

Lastly, perhaps one is seeking a unique gift to give to that "special" someone. People personalize gifts all the time, such as quilts with family portraits in them, or a personalized mug, a t-shirt. Why not consider doing the same thing with a deck of cards for one who likes to play? Think about transforming a regular deck of cards into a "lucky" deck of cards. It doesn't have to be a photograph, or even an original design. Perhaps it could be some simple words of kindness or inspiration. Whatever the case, one should take the time to make their gift something to remember.

Regardless of the reasoning behind personalizing one's cards, there is a wide variety of companies out there waiting to assist and guarantee customer satisfaction. The majority of card-printing companies have online stores. Original ideas and expressions of one's self are considered to be one of the cleverest ways to design a deck of cards. Not unlike the imagination, the possibilities of personalization are limitless.

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